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  • Time and attendance: Students / Teachers / and Staff Time and Attendance

Attendance accuracy now days increase profitability and performance where education requires no time loss neither effort loss in order to implement the curriculum in time accurately,

Our system oblige every teacher to commit to time to be among their student in class on time to start the session with proper effort and send a message to the management system the attendance information about the classroom location and the name of the teacher.

We are able to provide a messaging system allows every parent to receive a brief SMS on their mobile to inform them with the attendance of their kids to the school the time of entering the school along the time of leaving the school.

  • RFID Technology: Security Properties With RFID Technology

Schools property relies on proper assets count with precise present for the use of technology when needed in time, the loss of assets slows down the process of education on time when required, protecting the property of the schools from tools computers and other necessary assets put the management of the school at risk of trust to deliver on time, so we shall protect every and each asset belong to school, protecting as such is an essential to all of us to avoid time loss where position the entire school at loss.

  • Alarm system: School Parameter Detection And Alarm System

Providing an integrated solution for non-harmful power fence system to deter every intruder or smuggler to enter or exit the premises of high security areas of the school, also we can deliver an integrated intruder alarm system to the property labs libraries or suggested secure areas defined by the school considering most of the current incident happening nowadays.

  • Telephonic communication system

We literally provide telephonic system at school to ease the communication between management and classrooms, also allowing parents to be in contact with their kids when they needed at the permission of the management, fully controllable with the right of the school policy with time schedule set by the same policy.